The cost of Kids Camp will be $150 per child, and a $10 discount for each additional child.
Payment can only be made by card online.

Kids entering second to tenth grade are welcome to come.

Dress code is modest and appropriate.
If we find your child's attire to be inappropriate, we will ask them to change. (We will also have shorts and a t-shirt on hand).  

If you do not allow your child to be treated by a nurse for cuts, pain/fever relief, swelling, nausea/stomach pain, bites, itching, or diarrhea please note this in the 'anything else' section of the application.  

Some things your child should pack:
Toothbrush, Deodorant, Flashlight, Underwear, Appropriate swimwear, Shirts (long and short- sleeves), Sweatshirts, Pants for each day, Shorts for each day, Pajamas, Sneakers, Flip-flops or Sandals, Bedding (pillow, sleeping bag, blankets, foam roll), tote bag, “Shower” flip- flops, Towels (3), Socks, Sunscreen, Comb/Brush, Bug spray, Bible, Notebook, Waterproof bag for dirty laundry (trash bags), Pen/Pencil, (Generic Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body wash is provided) .

Volunteers can now register down below.
Requirements for volunteers:
1. Volunteers must regularly attend church service.
2. If a volunteer is not from a local church in Erie PA please have ready your pastor or youth pastor information for us to contact.
3. They must be willing to serve and help wherever necessary.
4. All volunteers need to be 17+*
*(volunteers age 16 can register to be a volunteer and may be selected based on need and previous serving experience.) 

5. All counselors are 18+

6. Everything in the packing list above is required for all volunteers.
More details on Kids Camp to come!